Nail Goddess

Coming from a Hispanic family, Sindia was born right here in Denver. Her parents moved to Colorado as teenagers and, except for a brief return to Mexico while she was a child, raised Sindia exclusively in the Mile High.

Family is an important part of Sindia’s life, and they’ve remained close through the years – both emotionally and geographically. She makes the short jaunt out to Aurora to visit them often.

Her parents aren’t the only family in her life these days, though. Outside of the salon, Sindia spends all the time she can with her 15-year-old son. She loves being outside – hiking & biking, and jumps at the chance to play a game of pick-up soccer in the park with her son and his friends.

All of this takes up her days, but her nights are hotter than Habanero hot sauce. When the sun goes down, Sindia turns up – dancing Salsa in one of the many clubs Denver’s awesome Latin dance scene! As a teenager, she even danced competitively!

At Adorn, Sindia is a staple. She’s been with us, growing her clientele, for over 5 1/2 years. She loves the quiet, private atmosphere she shares with her clients on Adorn’s spa side. That, she says, along with the tight knit hardworking team, makes Adorn feel like home!

Thank you for all you do, Sindia! It wouldn’t be home without you!

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