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You can call Shannon a “boss.” After high school, she took the cosmetology program at Emily Griffith before heading to The Parlour. Always striving to be the best she can be, she got DevaCurl trained and received a curl specialist certificate. She’s been specializing in curly hair for over a decade, and seven years ago, she decided to make her love for curls a permanent fixture in Denver by starting her very own business – Curly Hair Denver, LLC.

When it comes to her process, Shannon believes in asking good questions.

“I want to know what my clients’ day-to-day is like and how much time they have and want to spend on their hair. That way, I can give them a hairstyle that fits their lifestyle and meets their expectations.”

After starting to wear her hair curly in 2010, Shannon took her time to understand how best to cut curly hair, so she put in the work! Now, she loves educating her clients on how to take care of their individual hair (wavy vs. curly), what products to use, and how to deal with Colorado’s dry weather.

What Shannon loves about Adorn is being around other talented stylists who are so different, yet everyone appreciates each other’s unique crafts. Adorn welcomes diversity, and it’s such a win-win. When she’s not busy working, Shannon’s a mom to her three kids and living her best Colorado life.

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