At Adorn our pedi stations are a “jet free zone” and this ensures your services are santitary. All pedi stations are jet-free because we believe that keeps things more sanitary for you. We use hospital-level sanitation techniques with all of our implements and equipment and create peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness.

This service is perfect for when you’re short on time or between manicures and pedicures. Enjoy a nail shaping and buff, brief cuticle detail, light massage and the perfect polish.

Manicures. Pedicures. No Worries
Mani $30 | Pedi $35

Sit back and enjoy everything offered in our express service and then some. Calluses are filed and buffed (feet) an exfoliating sugar scrub is applied then removed with hot towels followed by a hydrating massage and polish of your choice

Manicures. Pedicures. No Worries
Mani $35 | Pedi $45

Here’s the ultimate treat for those appendages. All the perks of the classic with the added benefits of an extra exfoliating callous treatment (feet), and ultra-hydrating mask and paraffin dip followed by an extended massage. Finished with the perfect polish

Manicures. Pedicures. No Worries
Mani $48 | Pedi $55

These treatments address the particular needs of men’s hands and feet. This includes a warm soak, nail trimming and buffing, cuticle work, intensive callous treatment (feet), exfoliating scrub removed with steam towels and finished with the ultimate massage.

Mani $25 | Pedi $35

Prices may vary by technician.

Polish that last 14 to 21 days?! You’ll be in love! Enjoy a detailed mani and/or pedi with shaping and cuticle detail followed by a perfect gel polish and hydrating massage. No drying time required!

Manicures. Pedicures. No Worries
Mani $45 | Pedi $55

Prices may vary by technician.

Fashionable nail decal applied with heat lamp, no soaking hands or feet.

Manicures. Pedicures. No Worries
Minx Mani $40 | Minx Pedi $50/ $60 Min each
Minx Mani/Pedi Package $80/ $120 Min

Prices may vary by technician.

Full set gel $60

Full set gel with Shellac $70

Gel fill $40

Gel fill with Shellac $55

Full Set Acrylic $50

Full Set Acrylic with Shellac $60

Acrylic fill $40

Acrylic fill with Shellac $50

Prices may vary by technician.

Paraffin add on hand or feet $7

Extra callous treatment $5

Polish Change (no filing) fingers or toes $10

Nail Art or Glitter $5 a nail

Glitter fingers or toes $10 added to any service

Soak off acrylic or gels $20

Prices may vary by technician.