Borboleta professional lash products can create soft and subtle lashes for a natural look or big and bold lashes that demand attention. A semi-permanent extension is applied to each individual lash to increase length or volume or both. Maintenance every two to three weeks ensures lashes will stay fresh and full. Having lash extensions make it easy to wake up in the morning looking refreshed and ready to go. Most importantly, they feel light and natural and won’t impact even the most active lifestyle. Experience our Classic Style full set of eyelash extensions at our introductory price of $160 (regularly $195)

CLASSIC FULL SET $195 (up to 2 hours)
The technique of placing one synthetic mink lash on each individual natural lash to create a clean and classic look. Various lash thickness’, lengths and curls are used to create the perfect type of lashes that suits your style.
60 Minutes $60
75 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $90
RUSSIAN VOLUME FULL SET  $295 (up to 3 hours)
This technique uses multiple synthetic mink lashes which are then fanned out and placed on each individual natural lash to create a glamorous look. The lashes used contain 3-6 lashes but are super thin so they don’t weigh the natural lash down and cause damage.
60 Minutes $75
75 Minutes $90
90 Minutes $115
HYBRID FULL SET $245 (up to 2.5 hours)
This set is a combination of the Classic Set and the Russian Volume Set. The one-to one technique as well as the volume/fan technique will be applied to create a voluminous yet soft look.
60 Minutes $70
75 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $90
We ask that you do not wear contacts or any eye makeup prior to your service. Make up remover, lash cleanser and cotton pads are provided for you in the restroom if needed.
Oil will break the bond of the glue overtime so do not use any products that contain any type of oil. Transferring oil or bacteria by touching your lashes will do the same so avoid touching your lashes.
It is recommended you cleanse lashes daily with an oil-free cleanser to prevent build up from make up and prevent bacteria from forming. Gently brushing lashes every morning and after you wash your face will keep lashes separated and dry in place correctly. Gentle is the key here. You never want to be rough with your lashes so avoid any kind of rubbing or pulling on the lashes. If you have a stubborn lash that needs a little maintenance feel free to pop in for a quick fix. Never try to pull out a lash yourself.